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Ordering Produce

We deliver across the UK via Courier, as well as special North London, Leicester and Birmingham Deliveries

Here at Willowbrook we open our farm and home for visitors throughout the year with weekly events ranging from group visits to volunteering.

Willowbrook's Art and Music Festival is back for its second year. Even bigger and even better than before.

Headlining Dawud Wharnsby along with amazing artists from the UK and around the world including Jazz, African drumming and traditional Turkish music

aHow times have changed...

Sadly many of us have forgotten or never experienced what a real chicken tastes like! 

In the past a chicken for Sunday lunch was a luxury and was one of the most expensive meats. Those were the days when chickens were reared in small numbers on real farms.

aCheck out some of our upcoming activities. From relaxed, family open days to strenuous hard-work weekends, you're guaranteed to find something to suit you at Willowbrook Farm.

Natural Halal Farming

For information on the Raising and Dispatch of our animals please Click Here.

At Willowbrook we are committed to developing a vibrant ecosystem on the farm, that can sustain a wide variety of plant and animal life. We hope to provide a pesticide-free and harsh cropping-free haven for local wildlife.

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