Sponsoring a tree

A full list of all the trees we are planting for the Willowbrook Farm Heritage Woodland Project

Willowbrook Family Volunteer Days

12th October - Book your space via email!

Willowbrook Log Stacking Workshop - 27th September

Willowbrook Log Stacking Workshop - 27th September

We're looking for some strong willing volunteer workers to prepare for the winter by cutting, moving, stacking and splitting logs! It's tiring but  rewarding work,

Adults and teens only, come ready to have fun, build muscle and work alongside the farmers.

We'll be providing a FREE lunch, cake and drinks. The workshop runs from 10:00am till 2:00pm on Saturday 27th

Plant a tree at Willowbrook

This winter we are launching a project to establish a 3 acre woodland stocked with a range of rare and threatened varieties of trees, grasses and wildflowers.  The first phase will be to establish the woodland tree species followed by the establishment of the grasses and wildflowers. The whole project will be spread over a number of years and in the first year we are hoping to get most of the tree species planted.


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