Recipe: Chicken Cutlets

There are certain products we sell out of every week. Despite careful counting, limits on orders and all sorts of desperate measures, there just never seems to be enough to have any left over. Which means while you guys, our customers can get away with battering, spicing and frying these cutlets into deliciousness, I will have to make do with my imagination (and use chicken thighs, the go-to breast substitute). Yes, chicken breasts are always in short supply in our kitchen at Willowbrook, which is why I was so excited when Auntie G made these last time I visited her.

Qurbani lambs for Eid-ul-Adha

With Eid ul-Adha a short time away we are happy to announce we will be providing a limited number of lambs for Qurbani.  For those seeking naturally reared, top quality lambs, ethically reared and slaughtered and cut and prepared to the highest standards please contact us to make a booking.

Recipe: Willowbrook Homemade Pizza

Pizzas are a delicious, simple and surprisingly versatile meal. They can be customised in all manner of ways. As long as you make enough dough, they can last for an entire family gathering, (plus dough can be stored in the fridge if you have too much).

Farm Open Day - September 13th

Willowbrook Farm Open Day, including: Sustainable Farming and Green Energy tour, Pony Grooming and Training demonstration!

Farm tours and talks with the Radwan family, henna painting, fresh delicious food, pony training, eco-buildings and Willowbrook Farm produce.

Willowbrook Farm's First Annual Festival - 9th August!

Willowbrook Farm's First Annual Festival - 9th August!

Dawud Wharsnby returns to Willowbrook Farm for a full day of workshops and concerts.


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